Friday, 15 August 2014

6 Weeks already

So last week Thursday our little boy was 6 weeks old.

We both had our 6 week checkups and the dreaded 6 week injection.

Logan is doing really well.  The dr was happy with his development, he weighed 4.2 kg and is 54 cm in length.  He cried throughout the visit as we had to wake him up.  Luckily he did not really cry with the injections.  Just gave one moan and was all happy and sleepy again.  Our boy is so good, I have honestly not had one difficult day with him since he was born.  He sleeps very well day and night, feeds well, although the last few days it feels like my supply is not what it should be.  He is content when awake and mostly cry or moan when I have to wake him for a feed.  We are really blessed with this little dude in our life.  He is also becoming more alert, looking around alot, loves his sister, and always gives her the biggest smiles.  He has also started making the cutest baby sounds.  I am so in love with this little person and I am amazed how much my heart can love my 2 kids.

My checkup also went well.  My doctor was happy and I have healed well.  I felt a bit sad leaving his offices, knowing that this is our last baby and this was our last pregnancy, BUT I feel complete and I am happy with the decision to only have 2 kids.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

I have adorable children!

And I have photos as proof...

Happy 1 month Logan!

1. How old today:  1 Month (past Saturday actually)

2. Current weight & length:  4.1 kg at last weigh in, not sure about height

3. Recent milestone reached:  He is becoming more alert when awake, looking around.  He has very good neck control for a 4 week old.

4. Next milestone:  Smiling!  I cant wait

5. How is baby sleeping at night? Logan is a brilliant sleeper for now, and I really hope it stays this way.  He normally feeds around 9 pm, sleeps till 3 am, feed and sleeps again till 7 - 8 am.  Loving all the sleep.

6. Day naps?  He sleeps really well in the day as well.  He sleeps for 3 - 4 hours, sometimes I have to wake him to feed and will then be awake for around an hour, this will include nappy change, feeding and burping.

7. How is feeding going? Only breastfeeding.  I've expressed 3 times since he was born, just to make sure he is okay drinking from a bottle when I go back to work.  He feeds really well, drinks a solid 10 minutes without brakes or falling asleep in between.

8. Feeding times?  3 - 4 hourly

9. What has been the recent baby highs? Logan being more awake and alert.  I cannot get enough of this little person and really enjoy cuddling him.

10. And baby lows? He has been spitting up a bit the last few days, but he does not seem to bothered, but I want to mention it at his 6 week checkup.

11. How is the rest of the family doing?  I think we have adjusted well as a family of 4.  I think our biggest challenge will be when I return to work, especially because I work far from home so leave early and get home late and also the fact that I am studying part-time

12. What has been working best recently, baby-related?  I am really trying to stick to the Sleepsense sleeping guide, I think it is playing a part in the fact that Logan is a good sleeper, but he has also been very content from the beginning.  There has been once or twice where I kept him awake longer than suggested and I really struggled getting him to sleep then.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Welcome to the world Logan - an official birth story

Things were so hectic in the days before my scheduled C-section on 26 June 2014.

I was writing exams between 18 – 23 June 2014 and the 2 days before I went in there was just so much that I wanted to do.  Including a final blog post and a collage of my bump pics taken throughout my pregnancy, but I just never got to all these things I listed in my mind.

But, I still want to post my bump pics, as it was a great reminder of my pregnancy and the miracle of a little person growing inside of you.

Now, for the long awaited birth story, at exactly 4 weeks after this little dude’s birth J

Thursday, 26 June 2014 we had to book into the hospital at 5 am so that I can be prepped for my C-section.  We got there only to realize that we forgot Logan’s bag with all his clothes at home.  I was in such a flat spin that I forgot one of the most important things.  So after we were booked in and the nurses administered the drip, hubby had to rush home to pick up the bag and was told to be back no later than 7:20.  I was lying alone in the bed and the time felt like forever and I was so worried that hubby won’t make it back in time as the Dr popped in to wish me well and he mentioned that he will see me shortly in theater.

Luckily hubby made it back in time with a few minutes to spare.  We were then rolled off to theater and I was lucky to be the first person on the list.  The Dr came in and administered the spinal block, it was definitely more uncomfortable than the spinal I received with Hayley, but luckily it was over really soon and I was asked to move my feet and already all feeling was gone.  The C-section went so quick. I was still waiting for the Pediatrician to join us in theater when I caught sight of the lights above me and I could see that they've already started cutting, the next moment the Dr asked hubby if the camera is ready and all of a sudden our beautiful baby boy was born and held up in the air.  I remember thinking that he is so small, you forget how tiny they are…

Logan Adriaan de Jager was born on 26 June 2014 at 08:02 weighing 3.345 and 48 cm in length with a head full of black hair.

They then took him away and the Pediatrician came in to check him, he is perfect and healthy!
They then came and put him on my chest, I will never forget how he instantly stopped crying when I started talking to him and he just looked at me.  They really do get to  know you while still in the womb.  Logan was then taken to the nursery with hubby following closely behind.
I was then stitched up and taken to recovery where I was monitored for an hour before being taken to my room.  Logan was then brought in for an hour or so of skin to skin on mommy’s chest.  It was so special and I still remember the little new born noises he kept on making while sleeping.

Later that day Hayley was brought to visit me and her new brother.  I will never forget the look on her face.  I can still not really explain it to anyone but she was in total admiration and shock when she first laid eyes on her little brother. 

My hospital experience was excellent, and although my C-section was really painful, and I can honestly not remember it being so painful the first time, we really had a good birthing experience.  A little bit of me feels a bit sad, knowing that this was the last time, the last first heartbeat, the last time we experienced the excitement of finding out the gender, those first butterfly movements and the first actual kicks, the count down to the little one’s arrival and the first time you hold that little person close to your heart, BUT our little family is now complete.  I feel complete!  I have my little princess, the big sis, and what an awesome big sister she is, and I have my little boy, our prince.

Four weeks later and we have really settled well.  Hayley has adjusted well to live as a big sister.  She is very over protective over him and brags about him a lot.  She has her tantrums but it’s difficult to know if it is related to Logan’s arrival or if it is just typical 3 year old behavior, but for now we are just showering her with love and patience.  I am planning a date with this little girl over the weekend, just her and mommy.

Logan is such a content little boy.  He feeds really well, mostly sleeps and we have almost no trouble putting him back to sleep after some awake time.  He is already giving us 6 hour stretches the last few nights and we barely know that there is a new born in the house.

I've recovered well and I am very happy with the recovery of my incision.  I am so in love with my kids and love being called a mommy of two…

Friday, 11 July 2014

Our baby boy is here!

I've wanted to do a final preggy update, a collage of my preggy bump pics from the beginning of my pregnancy till the end, but with writing exams the week before Logan was born just never allowed for this, but I promise I will give an update on the last few weeks of pregnancy, a proper birth story and some updated pics sometime next week, when all the family has gone and things are settled, but for now... 

Meet Logan de Jager, born 26 June 2014 at 08:02 am.
Weight: 3.325 kg
Length: 48 cm

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Preggy update

This pregnancy just went to fast.  I cant believe that I have only a week and 2 days left of work, one more doctor visit, exams for a week en then I get to meet my boy.  Tomorrow in 3 weeks.

1. How far along are you now? 35 Weeks

2. When is your due date? 8 July 2014

3. What has been your preggy high this week? Feeling baby move and realising how close the time has come for me to hold and cuddle him

4. What has been your preggy low this week? Sore and so swollen. Wish I was on leave already as work has become a real struggle

5. What is your current over-riding emotion? A bit freaked out that time is moving so fast but at the same time I am ready to meet Logan now.

6. What is on your list of things to do in the next month re prep for baby? Get my last toiletries for my hospital bags and finalising my UIF forms before going on leave.

7. When is your next appointment? 17 June 2014 – will also be the last one

8. What is your current craving? Nothing specific, trying to eat healthy

9. How are you feeling physically? Huge, sore and very uncomfortable.  My feet, legs, hands and face is swollen

10. How are you feeling emotionally? Good, ready for the next few weeks

11. How is your partner dealing with the pregnancy at this stage? Really great, think things are really starting to sink in for both of us.

12. Do you know the sex of your baby yet? Yes, a boy, Logan

13. Will you be trying for Natural or Caesar? Caesar

14. Which hospital will you be having your baby at? Krugersdorp Netcare

15. How are you feeling about the pregnancy at this point? To be honest, I am a bit over being pregnant for now.  Would love to just be more comfortable and be able to do simple things without being so out of breath

16. What is your tummy measurement? Don’t know

17. How much does your baby weigh at the moment? (Or at last scan). 2.6 kg at our scan yesterday

18. How much weight have you gained to date? Way to much

19. What is your nursery room theme? Airbaloons! Blue, red and green

20. What is the best preggy advice you have been given? Listen to your body and rest when possible

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Hayley's first movie experience

This past Saturday we took Hayley to the movies for the first time.  We went to watch Rio 2, as it has been at the cinemas for almost 2 months, so we knew the cinema will be quite if Hayley did not sit still.

We arrived a bit late so all the lights was off and the previews were already playing.  I think it was a bit overwhelming walking into a loud, dark room as Hayley kept on asking we need to put softer and asked a few times if we can leave as she does not like the big tv. 

Eventually she got the whole drift and recognized the characters from the first Rio movie.  She then ended up really enjoying herself.  I will like to take her to another movie at a quiet show time, make sure we arrive early and if she then likes it I will take her to the more popular shows and 3D movies.

Since Saturday Hayley has asked a few times if we can take her to the movies again and was very excited telling her Ouma and Oupa about her first movie experience over the phone.

I am looking forward to many more movie dates with my little girl, think mommy joined the experience the most.